Thursday, 26 July 2012

progress with the walk

Ok, so blog number 2.

Well things are slowly starting to build up towards the walk, we have had a front page on the hartlepool mail, which was fantastic and highlighted perfectly what we are doing, we also had an article done on ppsf which is an online magazine, if you haven't seen it yet here is the link, take a look, big thanks to howard for doing the article. We also now have our website up and running which has the links to the just giving page, where we are going to be performing and what acts are on etc etc, so take a look at this also for all the info Huge thanks to mark for the website.

Over the next few months the publicity machine will be slowly cranking up, so if you have read this please do me a favour and share this with as many people as you can, the more people see it and talk about it the more money we can raise for the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS KIDNEY FUND. Also still looking for a main sponsor of the walk, after sending out countless amounts of email, no one has even bothered to reply, pissed me off a bit like, cos even a email to say sorry we cant would have been appreciated. The first fundraiser we are doing has all been confirmed now after Keith Adams of stand up for charity has  agreed to do one of his charity comedy nights for the fund, so on 16th sept at the aerodrome club in thornaby, stockton on tees, Pat Monahan will be headlining, and all money raised will go towards our total, so huge thanks keith.

All the acts barring 1 are now confirmed, so massive thanks to all the guys taking part, i truly believe this is going to be an amazing 6 days, and we will be posting vlogs and constant updates as we go along the wall, sorry there isnt to much to tell you all as i made a decision to slow it all down after the initial launch, just wanted it out there, another month or 2 and like i say i will be contacting every media source on the planet, and  if people want to help share the story please do.

Ok so there is the update, so please check the website out, share this blog with people, and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Many Thanks


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